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Smurova KM, Alieva IB, Vorob'ev IA.
Free and centrosome-attached microtubules: quantitative analysis and themodeling of two-component system.
Tsitologiia. 2007;49(4):270-9. Russian.
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Mimori-Kiyosue Y, Grigoriev I, Sasaki H, Matsui C, Akhmanova A, Tsukita S, Vorobjev I.
Mammalian CLASPs are required for mitotic spindle organization and kinetochore alignment.
Genes Cells. 2006 Aug;11(8):845-57.
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Grigoriev I, Borisy G, Vorobjev I.
Regulation of microtubule dynamics in 3T3 fibroblasts by Rho family GTPases.
Cell Motil Cytoskeleton. 2006 Jan;63(1):29-40.
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Dobrinskikh EA, Vorob'ev IA.
Microtubules are necessary for lamellae retraction of Vero cells.
Tsitologiia. 2006;48(11):906-17. Russian.


Mimori-Kiyosue Y, Grigoriev I, Lansbergen G, Sasaki H, Matsui C, Severin F, Galjart N, Grosveld F, Vorobjev I, Tsukita S, Akhmanova A.
CLASP1 and CLASP2 bind to EB1 and regulate microtubule plus-end dynamics at the cell cortex.
J Cell Biol. 2005 Jan 3;168(1):141-53.
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Alieva IB, Vorobjev IA.
Vertebrate primary cilia: a sensory part of centrosomal complex in tissue cells, but a "sleeping beauty" in cultured cells?
Cell Biol Int. 2004;28(2):139-50.
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Smurova K, Birukova A, Verin A, Vorobjev I, Alieva I
Reorganization of microtubule system in pulmonary endothelial cells in response to thrombin treatment
Tsitologiia. 2004;46(8):695-703. Russian.

Chernobel'skaia OA, Alieva IB, Vorob'ev IA.
The dynamics of microtubule repolymerization in a cell: rapid growth from the centrosome and slow recovery of free microtubules
Tsitologiia. 2004;46(6):531-44. Russian.


I.A. Vorobjev, I.B. Alieva, I.S. Grigoriev, G.G. Borisy.
Microtubule dynamics in living cells: direct analysis in the internal cytoplasm.
Cell Biol Int. 2003 27(3):293-4.
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I.A. Vorob'ev, I.S.Grigor'ev.
Dynamics and the life cycle of cell microtubules
Tsitol Genet. 2003 Mar-Apr;37(2):22-38. Review. Russian.
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K.M. Smurova, I.B. Alieva, I.A. Vorobjev.
Dynamics of Microtubule System Recovery after Its Disruption by Nocodazole Treatment in Vero Cells.
Membrane Cell Biology. 2002 19: 486-496
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I. V. Maly, I. A. Vorobjev
Centrosome-dependent anisotropic random walk of cytoplasmic granules.
Cell Biology International. 2002 26: 791-799
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Y. A. Komarova, I. A. Vorobjev and G.G. Borisy
Life cycle of MTs: persistent growth in the cell interior, asymmetric transition frequencies and effects of the cell boundary.
J. Cell Sci. 2002 115: 3527-3539
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Vorobjev I, Malikov V, Rodionov V.
Self-organization of a radial microtubule array by dynein-dependent nucleation of microtubules.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2001 Aug 28;98(18):10160-5.
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Chernobel'skaia OA, Grigor'ev IS, Alieva IB, Vorob'ev IA.
Evaluation of various methods of measurement of the microtubule length in the cytoplasm of cultured cells.
Ontogenez. 2001 Jan-Feb; 32(1):58-66. Russian.
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Vorobjev IA, Uzbekov RE, Komarova Yu A, Alieva IB.
Gamma-tubulin distribution in interphase and mitotic cells upon stabilization and depolymerization of microtubules.
Membr Cell Biol. 2000;14(2):219-35.
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Alieva IB, Vorobjev IA.
Interphase microtubules in cultured cells: long or short? Membr Cell Biol. 2000;14(1):57-67.
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Vorob'ev IA, Grigor'ev IS, Borisy GG.
Microtubule dynamics in cultured cells. Ontogenez. 2000 Nov-Dec;31(6):420-8. Russian.
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Grigoriev IS, Chernobelskaya AA, Vorobjev IA.
Nocodazole, vinblastine and taxol at low concentrations affect fibroblast locomotion and saltatory movements of organelles.
Membr Cell Biol. 1999;13(1):23-48.
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Alieva IB, Gorgidze LA, Komarova YA, Chernobelskaya OA, Vorobjev IA.
Experimental model for studying the primary cilia in tissue culture cells. Membr Cell Biol. 1999;12(6):895-905.
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Neverova AL, Uzbekov RE, Votchal MS, Zatsepina OV, Vorobjev IA.
Postmitotic reconstruction of nucleoli in culture cells with UV-microbeam photoinactivated centrosome.
Membr Cell Biol. 1999;12(6):805-15.
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Vorobjev IA, Rodionov VI, Maly IV, Borisy GG.
Contribution of plus and minus end pathways to microtubule turnover. J Cell Sci. 1999 Jul;112 ( Pt 14):2277-89.
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Gorgidze LA, Oshemkova SA, Vorobjev IA.
Blue light inhibits mitosis in tissue culture cells. Biosci Rep. 1998 Aug;18(4):215-24.
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Vorobjev IA, Svitkina TM, Borisy GG.
Cytoplasmic assembly of microtubules in cultured cells. J Cell Sci. 1997 Nov;110 ( Pt 21):2635-45.
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Grigoriev IS, Chernobelskaya AA, Vorobjev IA.
Quantitative analysis of the movements of cytoplasmic granules in polarized fibroblasts. Membr Cell Biol. 1997;11(2):195-211.

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Alieva IB, Vorobjev IA.
Stereoscopic analysis of microtubule pattern around the centrosome in interphase PK cells after treatment with taxol and nocodazole.
Membr Cell Biol. 1997;11(1):17-29.
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Komarova YuA, Ryabov EV, Alieva IB, Uzbekov RE, Uzbekova SV, Vorobjev LA.
Polyclonal antibodies against human gamma-tubulin stain centrioles in mammalian cells from different tissues.
Membr Cell Biol. 1997;10(5):503-13.
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Alieva IB, Vorob'ev IA.
The effect of the increase in the calcium concentration induced by action of the ionophore A-23187 on mitosis in cultured ESK cells.
Tsitologiia. 1996;38(12):1261-8. Russian.
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Neverova AL, Uzbekov RE, Votchal MS, Vorob'ev IA.
The effect of ultraviolet microbeam irradiation of the centrosome on cellular behavior. IV. Synthetic activity, cell spreading and growth with an inactivated centrosome. Tsitologiia. 1996;38(2):145-54. Russian.

Uzbekov RE, Vorob'ev IA.
Behavior of the mitotic apparatus after ultraviolet microirradiation of the spindle pole. Biofizika. 1996 Jan-Feb;41(1):153-8.
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Uzbekov RE, Votchal MS, Vorobjev IA.
Role of the centrosome in mitosis: UV micro-irradiation study. J Photochem Photobiol B. 1995 Aug;29(2-3):163-70.
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Komarova IA, Vorob'ev IA.
The centrosome structure in enterocytes in the histogenesis of the mouse intestine. Ontogenez. 1995 Sep-Oct; 26(5):390-9. Russian.
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Gorgidze LA, Vorobjev IA.
Centrosome and microtubules behavior in the cytoplasts. J Submicrosc Cytol Pathol. 1995 Jul;27(3):381-9.
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Alieva IB, Vorobjev IA.
Centrosome behaviour and orientation of centrioles under the action of energy transfer inhibitors.
Cell Biol Int. 1995 Feb;19(2):103-12.
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Speranskaia SR, Votchal MS, Vorob'ev IA.
Saltatory movements of the cytoplasmic granules in the cells of an ESK culture. Tsitologiia. 1995;37(8):783-90. Russian.

Alieva IB, Vorob'ev IA.
An analysis of centriolar orientation in cultured ESK cells under the action of the calcium ionophor A23187.
Tsitologiia. 1995;37(5-6):491-9. Russian.
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Alieva IB, Vorobjev IA.
Centrosome behavior under the action of a mitochondrial uncoupler and the effect of disruption of cytoskeleton elements on the uncoupler-induced alterations. J Struct Biol. 1994 Nov-Dec;113(3):217-24.
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Komarova IA, Vorob'ev IA.
The ultrastructure of the cell center in the enterocytes of mouse embryos andnewborn mice. Ontogenez. 1994 Mar-Apr;25(2):76-88. Russian.
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Gorgidze LA, Vorob'ev IA.
Centrioles can replicate in cultured cells in the absence of a nucleus. Tsitologiia. 1994;36(8):837-43. Russian.
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